Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Angkor Colors: Orange and Gray.

Photographing Angkor can be difficult. It can be hard to capture forms and contrast when the entire landscape is a dark shade of gray stone. But in between the slate walls and granite columns, there are spots of activity lite in splashes of bright orange. Though most Western visitors come to Angkor for its ruined 'Lost City' atmosphere, it's still a living site of religious importance. Sculptures of the Buddha are still lovingly draped in saffron silk robes, towering tangerine candles are lit in hallway altars.


carolyn Gavin said...

your photo's are beautiful... i love the contrast of orange + pink with the grey stone. its quite stunning!

tangobaby said...

These photos are incredibly gorgeous. I love being an armchair traveler with you...although someday I hope to follow in your footsteps.

Great post.

Heather Moore said...

Such extraordinary photographs! I must blogines you so that I manage to keep better up to date with your amazing travels.