Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Leaving Asia?

Well, I may be departing from Asia late this evening.

Then again, I may be stranded in Bangkok indefinitely, thanks to the efforts of the anti-government mob who have stormed the airport.

I am trying-- desperately trying-- to leave Asia on a positive note. Because, yes, there have been things that I didn't like-- the constant pollution, loose city sidewalks that splatter muddy water, nasty taxi drivers, agonizingly slow Lao buses, being called 'friend' by touts, the ubiquitous Korean mullets on teenagers, massive insects, tacky tourists who think that being in Thailand is justification for going shirtless on city streets and getting their hair done in hideous cornrows-- and now, also clapping-hand waving protesters.

But all of that is really insignificant when compared to how incredible my time here has been. The wealth of things I've seen, the flavors I've tasted, and the range of experiences I've had makes all of those problems really meaningless. That point become obvious to me when I tried to assemble photos for the above collage-- which in no way could possibly reflect what I've seen and done here. From drifting down the Mekong in Laos, to testing my chili tolerance in Thailand, to finally getting to see the ruins of Angkor in Cambodia, to sampling unusual foods in Taiwan, to admiring Penang's streets in Malaysia, to drinking rich drip coffee in Vietnam... it's been unforgettable. I know that, no question, I'll be coming back soon.

Then again, check back with me how I'm feeling if I do get stranded here this evening.


michelle said...

Oh no! The airport siege was on the evening news tonight in the U.S. and its in most papers... I was hoping you avoided all of that!

How fitting. While you want to leave Bangkok, turns out Bangkok doesn't want you to leave ;-)

Good luck in getting out of there!

Prêt à Voyager said...

Thinking of you! Good luck, Xander!


Liz Ledden said...

Good luck leaving Bangkok! Hope you return to Asia some day but will keep reading to check out what you get up to elsewhere!

jess gonacha said...

oh-oh! good luck getting out of there! hope you're headed somewhere fantastic next. :)

Catherine said...

Good luck in getting aflight out soon...meanwhile a great collage and collection of photos... where is the next planned destination??

kristine said...

Amen to all of that. k

jen laceda said...

I know you're leaving Asia...but really...Welcome to Asia...a taste of revolution and perpetual chaos!