Monday, September 20, 2010

things make me happy: paper lantern.

Part of the deal with moving into a Taiwan apartment is that you're tacitly agreeing to be bathed in florescent lighting no matter what room you're in. After almost three weeks of living in an undead glow, we'd had enough. The light in our dining room was the first to come down, and in it's place went a squat lantern of white paper. We have a different lantern waiting to go up in the living room, and plans for lighting changes in the bedrooms and the office. Even with just the one lantern up, I can really say I'm seeing my new home in a whole new light.

Ikea väte hanging lamp.

And on a terribly belated note, I was recently profiled on Girl in Asia's behind the blog feature. Check that out here. Thanks for inviting me to participate, Liz!


Yoli said...

I cannot blame you, I would have done the exact samething or felt that I was living in a hospital. Flourescent light has been known to cause eye strain and depression.

sherri said...

Good idea! I love to add them outside for entertaining.

Simple Indian cooking said...

We just made some paper lantern's to decorate our home this season.

Даша said... там очень здорово!)