Saturday, September 04, 2010

Bali Bamboo.

I loved the abundance of bamboo in Bali, where it was seen not just growing alongside rice paddies, but also as a material for architecture and design. It's such an incredible material; easily renewable and incredibly strong, but also beautiful in a very subtle way. The above shot is of a building under construction, and while the bamboo is just a temporary frame for building, I think it would be stunning if they could complete the house with the tangle of bamboo visible and intact. Who wouldn't want to live in their own personal bamboo grove?


Scho said...

Bamboo has many uses and it can be a cooling material since it can store water.

Anne said...

If you love bamboo and are in Bali a must is to visit the Green School by Ubud. A complete sustainable grade school with EVERYTHING made from bamboo, including currently the largest bamboo structure in the world.

Simple Indian cooking said...

Nice info and use of Bamboo. Thx for sharing.