Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm say stop global warming.

Last week, I picked up three handmade postcards being sold by the students of my school. Apparently designed to promote several environmental messages, they had a charmingly simple, graphic style. The first was a cute drawing of an elephant, accented with plastic butterflies.

The second was a sweet misquoting of the "I am not a plastic bag" purse, which is currently one of the hottest knock-off bag designs in Bangkok.

And this one, of course, had obvious appeal.


AphroChic said...

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Heather Moore said...

Hi Xander
Love these little posters - very accomplished, I think!

I need some help with Thai translation. Paul has a Tshirt with Thai writing on it. We thought it said "Eden", but now are not sure. There's a pic at http://www.skinnylaminx.com/2007/12/eden-im-not-sure-if-i-should-encourage.html

Can you help? You can email me at heather@skinnylaminx.com

Have a good weekend,