Friday, April 04, 2008

View of Lion's Head #6.

Now that my life is briefly back on a routine schedule, I can resume some long neglected series. With my thoughts on the Cape lately, I felt I should start off with another View of Lion's Head. Leaving my apartment in the morning and returning in the evening, I was often witness to the transformative effect sunlight had on the old hill. From a fully revealed rocky outcropping, it would develop an exotic glow in the bleeding shades of sunset.

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Kim Wildman said...

The view from my apartment was the back of Table Mountain - I used to live in Rondebosch - I loved sitting on my deck and watching the mountain as it transformed from deep mauves to burning reds or the clouds as they frothed over its edge. But I spent many a Sunday morning hiking up the to the top of Lion's Head to watch the sunrise over the city, so have fond memories of it too!