Tuesday, April 20, 2010


After a far too long flight with Egypt Airlines (never again), we arrived back in the United States via JFK Airport. We had a departure to Albuquerque the next morning, leaving us with one night in New York. Obviously, we weren't going to spend our singular night in one of the world's greatest cities crashed in a hotel room. So in the spirit of our late night adventures in Taipei, we spent the entire night out, roaming the streets of Manhattan in search of a quick glimpse of life in NY. We ate black-and-white cookies, browsed at a Grand Central newsstand, watched skaters at 30 Rock, looked in on 5th Ave window displays, and stopped for a 2 am slice of white pizza and cups of coffee.


jen laceda said...

Why never again with Egypt air?

Anonymous said...

Ahem time for an update here, no?

Michelle | Hang Tag Printing said...

Well I guess that egypt air in particular made them wait too long? I guess it's a learning experience, totally part of traveling and seeing the world.

Xander said...

Hey Jen-- We just had a really unpleasant flight with Egypt Air. We had two incredibly long flights (one from Johannesburg to Cairo, then one from Cairo to NY), and on both flights the airplanes were rather old and run down. There were no personal video systems, so we had no entertainment options other than the terrible b-rate movies they showed on the overhead screen. I had a hard time sleeping, so I watched some awful comedy; for some reason, as soon as the movie ended, it started again and played a second time. The seats were also in bad shape, and had trouble staying in the upright position-- the older man in front of me put his seat all the way back early on, then couldn't get it back up, so I had about five inches of personal space on the flight. Ugh. Next time I will pay a little more for friendlier service, better seating, and better entertainment-- Qatar, for example.

But anyway, we're back in the US now, so that little rant aside I can't complain! ;)