Saturday, May 01, 2010

eating culture/eaten: In-n-Out Burger and Shake.

Last week I got to spend an incredible seven days around San Francisco and the wine country with my family. Our holiday was planned mainly around eating some incredible food, starting with a much appreciated stop at In-n-Out on our way from the airport to Napa. It might seem like a humble beginning to a holiday in one of the world's greatest food centers, but the meal really summed up what we were after: simple, satisfying bites of local California flavor. And anyway, if you've had a burger and shake from In-n-Out, then you probably understand.


Michelle | Business Cards said...

I just love san francisco, one of my faves in the US definitely. I've been there only twice though I think but it's always good to stroll around.

Postcards and Coasters said...

I hear ya! They now have them all over AZ so it's not as fun as when I had to go search for one in CA but I still enjoy a good In-n-Out burger!