Monday, September 24, 2007

Fine Time Cafe.

Several weeks ago, on the way to Chinatown, Bordeaux and I noticed a beautiful, vacant building on the u-shaped end of a city block on Rama III road. As usual when we see a strange or charming vacant property, I told him that we should open a coffee shop in it. This past Saturday, while crossing through Chinatown on the way to the fabric market, we passed the same vacant u-shaped property. Only now, part of it had been sectioned off into a coffee shop called Fine Time Cafe. I was so shocked (did someone hear me last time? how did they put it in so quickly?), that we had to stop in for a coffee. Only twenty minutes later, while enjoying a vanilla moccacino, did I realize that we were actually on Thanon Maitri Chit, across the street from the empty space I had seen the first time.
But, I'm glad I made the mistake. Fine Time Cafe is a sweet little space, decorated to look a bit like a retro family rec room. Across from the coffee counter is a working record player, which, judging from the gold-hued album covers displayed on the wall above, seems to only play music from the 1970s: The Beegees, Andy Williams, the Carpenters. The shop is run by a very cute couple, who were extremely friendly, and wore coordinating aprons. And, best of all, the vanilla moccacinos Bordeaux and I ordered were delicious, creamy, and very cheap. I'd been hoping to find a relaxed, comfortable cafe in Bangkok, and while Fine Time Cafe isn't exactly in my neighborhood, it's definitely worth the trip.

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