Sunday, September 16, 2007

A little Morocco in my Bangkok apartment.

This might be a sign that I'm overly suggestible, but a day after reading about Urban Outfitter's Moroccan lanterns at Domino Magazine's Daily Dose blog, I came across these lanterns on sale at the Emporium department store. They had a wide range of colors, from a chic matte black, to a creamy pale green, to a bold magenta. I chose the large blue one because it perfectly fits with the color pallet of our kitchen/living room. Had there been a small green one, I probably would have bought that; I'm actually kind of glad there wasn't, as the orange adds a vibrant note of contrast, and gives the room a little energy.

I briefly wondered whether a little Moroccan influence would fit with the overall desired look of the apartment, but I think it should work. When I lived in Cape Town, I made a point to avoid any overtly Afrocentric style in my apartment- so it's fun having some influence from the continent now that I'm in Asia. And hey, it feels kind of nice having some decoration in our under-decorated apartment.

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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh, these are great! You would actually never see these colors in lanterns here and so they are extra fun!