Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chiang Mai.

After returning to Thailand, we headed north to Chiang Mai for a week of relaxation. It was a great chance to get back in touch with all of the things I love about Thailand- the tropical climate, the dazzling architecture, and the distinctive sense of style. And of course- the food.


Laura Kelley said...

Welcome back to Thailand, guys.

I love your site and have awarded it a diamond for its dining, cooking, photography and cultural documentation.

Come on over to the Silk Road Gourmet to collect your award.

Heatheronhertravels said...

Hey - I've heard lots about Chiang Mai from a friend who's trying out staying there for extended periods. Love to hear more about the place as it sounds like a great place to use as a base in Thailand.

PS know what you mean about so much to write about Taiwan - I have so many posts waiting to be written but not enough time to get them all down.

Priyank said...

Nice pictures. Read a little about Chiang Mai, looks like a place to visit!