Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lucky Boy.

It's hard not to like Lucky Boy at least a little. The name that sounds like a brand of soy sauce. The sun-bleached pastel pink and yellow of the exterior, the dated neon sign. The interior that looks like it hasn't changed in 30 years-- probably hasn't-- with avocado green tables in the booths, and faux wood-grain walls. And the concept, a mix of Chinese-American chop suey standards and American fast food, is neither 'authentic cuisine', cutting edge fusion. Maybe that's what makes it fun, though. You can order a chili burger with a side of fried rice, a sweet and sour combo, or the unusual 'egg foo young burger', pictured below-- and don't forget to get a vanilla milkshake or a rootbeer on the side.

Lucky Boy-- Located on the corner of Constitution and Carlisle, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


jen laceda said...

We have a quite a few Lucky Boy clones up here in Toronto. Signs advertising Chinese and Canadian food. Sometimes they say Chinese, West Indian, and Canadian food. I don't even know what Canadian food is (fried beaver? - just kidding). Hmmm...could be an interesting little project for me...thanks for sharing!

Laura Kelley said...

What no vanilla coke?

Also surprised on the lack of corn-dog types foods available - like satay.

Salute your courage to continue on the similar theme as the Asian blog. I hope it works out!

Laura Kelley said...

Forgive the double post - but I just realized that you guys are travelling route 66 - how fantastic!

If you are doing non-food reviews, please check out this place:

Wigwam Village Motel #6
Address: 811 West Hopi Drive, Holbrook, AZ
Directions: Historic Route 66
Phone: 928-524-3048

It is straight out of the movie CARS and is quite a trip back into the beautiful kitch of 40's and 50's Americana.


Xander said...

Hey Jen-- I'd love to hear what Chinese-West Indian-Canadian food is. If you investigate, please let me know!

Laura-- Hopefully my Asia-interested readers will follow me on my travels. My blog actually started in the US- in Los Angeles, in March 2007. I didn't have any readers back then, so not many people know that. I hope to stay international, writing more about Asia in the future. Sadly, no vanilla coke at Lucky Boy- but there were vanilla malts or shakes. I don't think I'll be getting to Holbrook on this visit (we're sticking to NM) but I've been there in the past. In fact, the banner for my site is a modified motel sign from Holbrook! I haven't seen that Wigwam Motel though- it sounds awesome.

annamatic said...

Wow, i love that sign.

I, for one, am still interested :)
It's not so much about the locale, as it is about how you look at it.
You mentioned in an earlier post that home had become "exotic" and Bangkok "mundane" -- but I think it's seeing the exotic in the mundane that keeps people photographing, creating and thinking... so, thanks!

Yoli said...

Oh I love places like these! Here we have Cuban-Chinese, or Chinese-Cuban food places where you get your friend rice along with your plantains.

Cala said...

As a kid, we would regularly go to Lucky Boy for the fried wontons (which my mom tried to reproduce at home on many occasions), and burgers. Curious combination. I am glad to know it is still open. From the outside, as I drove by on this trip to Albuquerque, it looked rather vacant.