Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Walton Ford.

There is something a touch dull about those toucan prints, though-- maybe they're just a little too innocent. For it to really work well with our style, we might need images that are just a little off, just a little dark-- like the zoological watercolors of Walton Ford. Though he uses the tropes and style of eighteenth/nineteenth century naturalists, he uses his works to comment on themes like colonialism and the natural sciences. I like the bizarre painting of the gluttonous heron above, or the ominous image of the gharial and the monkey below. Anyone know if he's done one of tropical birds?


Yoli said...

No but I will be checking back to see if he does. I love these! Hope you are having a great holiday season Xander.

Laura Kelley said...

Hi Xander:

Walton has done tropical birds, northern birds - even extinct birds! One of my favs of his is the 'New Tricks' with one of China's ancient birds tethered to a human wrist.

Enjoy Mexico - a little early for a hammerheads but I bet if you dive you'll meet a ray or two!

Happy Holidays!