Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daisy gazing.

It’s daisy gazing season in South Africa. Along the West coast, spring brings the blossoming of beautiful Namaqua daisies to the shoreline grasslands. On Sunday, five us squeezed into a tiny car, and drove north in search of the flowers. As we got away from the city, we caught sight of sudden patches of intense pink, purple and blue bursting through the grass along the highway, and they seemed to hint at what we should expect to see. But in the end, we weren’t terribly successful. The daisies we encountered once we reached our destination were somewhat underwhelming-- we mainly saw a dusting of faintly pretty yellow blooms, not the bold carpeting of colours we wanted.

Thankfully, we found other things to distract us. We visited the West Coast National Park, which is an unbelievable landscape of fynbos, sandy dunes, and turquoise water. Set just a few hours north of Cape Town, it’s an incredible daytrip I’d never known about.

And while we had set out expecting to view daisies, in the end we spent more time viewing wildlife—ostriches, springbok, wildebeest, bontebok, and a huge herd of eland, which looked bizarrely out of place in the coastal setting. Most interactively, we encountered five tortoises, three of which we helped to cross the road.


Yoli said...

This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with those of us who cannot go there right now.

Francis Bell said...

Thanks for the wonderful blogsite-so cool to be able to see places I can't go to myself! Thanks for the great pictures-Francis