Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, it's happened again. I've been hit with a serious desire to pack a suitcase and get out of town. I dropped off a friend at the airport yesterday, and was a little tempted to grab a space in long term parking, duck into the international departures terminal, and buy a ticket to anywhere. 

I've been settled in one place for about seven months now, with only three trips away-- quite a long stretch for me, so I'm actually surprised this urge didn't grab me earlier. 

The weird thing is that I'm actually very happy to be in Cape Town right now... we're really getting settled and our apartment is finally getting comfortable, the weather in Cape Town is turning nice (slowly but surely), and it's starting to become the season where we can hike and spend time on the beach again. But the need for a long flight and a few weeks in another country has definitely hit me badly.

Any tips for dealing with wanderlust? Anywhere you're dreaming of going?


jess gonacha swift said...

Ahhhh, wanderlust. I've got it big time. I want to go to Iceland so badly!! My advice? Listen to it and start planning a trip. :)

Xander said...

Eek, I think you're what they call an enabler. Iceland sounds amazing. I am always planning trips- back to Thailand, to America, to Indonesia... -X

Postcards and Coasters said...

Yes... I understand this wanderlust. But my 2 year old makes me think twice about traveling far. I would love to travel to Thailand and Peru. I'd like to float down the Amazon (but not with a 2 year old). :)