Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Colors of Malaysia.

The remnants of a meal we enjoyed in Melaka may not be the most attractive subject for a photo, but when our dishes were piled up I was struck by one of the things I love most about Malaysia: the fantastic, over-the-top color sense that flows throughout the country. From the local architecture to the clashing shades on a kopi’s chopsticks and plates, this is a country that isn’t afraid to clash. And while some shades should seem not to work together, like lime green and electric tangerine, they somehow balance out and get along beautifully. Not a bad symbol for a country as diverse as Malaysia.


Roni Faida said...

Seriously, I love the pics. The colors are so vibrant. Thanks!

Lydia said...

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Lara Dunston said...

OMG! Amazing photos!!! I haven't dropped by in a month or so and I'm loving catching up. You've made me hungry! I also loved Malaysia and haven't given a thought to going back, but now I'm reconsidering. Due to Grantourismo it will have to be 2011 but it's there!

Cate said...

I've just read your past posts on Malaysia including this one. The images and writing captures the essence of Malaysia. You could do a food book on this country with these gorgeous images.

Laura Kelley said...

Beautiful posts you guys!

I love the unique take you have on colors and cultures etc!

Keep up the great work!


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Casa di Culture said...

Love this blog and the images are wonderful!

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Scho said...

Colours liven up our world ! We can be diverse but like colours, we can blend in and out, become one colour or many other colours. Glad you find beauty in simple things.

Sherri said...

Love the colors... Especially the Turquoise!

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Grace said...

hey there! I'm Malaysian myself and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your visit~ :) awesome photos btw. keep it up!