Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bangkok Snapshot: Abandoned Fruitstand.

During the day, mobile fruit stands offer chilled refreshment from the steaming streets of Bangkok. At night, they appear as strange lanterns, the icy glass boxes glowing in the hues of tropical fruit.

* * *
Editor's Note: I wanted to mention that I am also providing writing and photography for a local blog, called My BKK. It focuses on the eccentricity of life in Bangkok, which is a nearly inexhuaustable subject. The entries take a similar format to my "Bangkok Snapshots," and focus on all aspects of daily culture in the Thai capital.

I would also like to thank Write to Travel, for featuring me as the Travelblog of the Week. I'm always surprised to find that anyone other than my boyfriend actually looks at this blog, so I was thrilled by the honor.


John said...

Just found your blog today through Write to Travel, and wanted to know I'll be a regular reader. Great stuff here.


Prêt à Voyager said...

Congrats on Write to Travel! I saw the post there before I even saw this post. And way to go on all the other great projects as well. It's always wonderful to see such hard work pay off! Best wishes on all that is still to come!


P.S. don't forget you were much of the inspiration for my trip to Thailand!