Friday, March 07, 2008

The ethnographer vanishes.

It's really not like me to go a week without writing anything, but after a weekend out among the raft-houses and water lily swamps of Kanchanaburi (see above) I came back to Bangkok with a nasty flu that left me pretty knocked out.

Tonight, Bordeaux and I are catching a flight to Hanoi, for two weeks in Northern Vietnam. It's our first major vacation since we moved to Bangkok, so we're looking forward to new scenery, new food, and new places to get coffee. I should hopefully be able to connect while I'm there, so I'll try to post photos of the trip along the way.

See you soon, Uncle Ho.


Elizabeth said...

Came back to your site after a long absense via my daughter Claudia Schmid's photo blog.
She is going to Thailand next month.
You have stunning photos.
I get great pleasure from seeing them.
Next Wed 12th many bloggers are featuring "DOORS" literally or metaphorically. You must have some stunning ones from your travels - care to join us?

Sarah said...

Have fun in Hanoi! I love it there. There is a great coffee place that I found via the NYTimes. You go through this small entry way past tourist stuff, end up in a restaurant/coffee shop. You order, then climb lots and lots of stairs to the roof where you overlook the the lake. We loved it. I'll see if I can find the name.

Freshly Found said...

Good Luck with the Coffee! Look forward to hearing about some more great coffee places!