Friday, November 30, 2007

Yellow Chicken with Rice on Thanon Convent.

The thing that I love most about my job- more than shaping young minds, or the challenges of teaching- is my schedule. I have time after my job to relax and pursue other interests- and on Wednesday, I even have an extra long lunch in which to see what Bangkok is like during the work week.

On this past Wednesday, Bordeaux and I met in Sathorn, an attractive urban neighborhood. We headed down to Thanon Convent, a tree-lined street that is lined with cafes and street-food stands. We weaved among the queues of office workers, to a stand selling kao moek gkai: yellow rice with chicken. We were tempted by the sight of the yellow rice, which the chef scooped out of a giant metal drum. We placed our order, and a minute later the waiter set down two heaped plates in front of us. Of Southern Muslim origin, it is very similar to a biryani. The chicken was juicy, and the rice was richly spiced with tumeric and a suggestion of cinnamon. It came with a dish of sweet-spicy chili, a salad of cucumbers, and was garnished with a topping of carmelized shallots.


Anonymous said...

Hello once again!
Thank you for the great photos but I'd like to know, is there an art scene in Thailand? Are there world class museums and galleries featuring past, present and future talent?

Thank you!


laradunston said...

I love Thanon Convent too! I wish I would have tried this chicken though! YUM!!

Felicia, there's an excellent, growing, contemporary art scene in Bangkok - I'm sure you'll read about it here soon!