Friday, November 20, 2009

culturedPRIMITIVE/stockist: Pinotage.

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One of the pleasures of the Cape lifestyle is that wine is plentiful and affordable. However, while we very much enjoy a regular glass of wine at sundown, we're really not proper wine drinkers. We mostly buy bottles on whim rather than on research, we drink out of whatever glasses are at hand, and on the off chance we buy a bottle that isn't a screw-top, we pull the cork with a well-travelled swiss army knife. But maybe that's why we're so fond of pinotage.

Pinotage is a distinctly South African wine. Not only in its origins (it was first cultivated in Stellenbosch in the 1920s), but in its character as well-- this isn't a delicate wine. It has an earthy smoky flavour flecked with hints of tropical fruit. It's a full-bodied combination that makes it ideal for pairing with heavy meats, game, and spicy flavours. In other words, you can serve it at your braai, and it will actually complement your boerwors.


michelle said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I'm enjoying Pinotage with my pasta right now :-)

hampers said...

Thanks for sharing the pinotage review. I have never tried it but put this bottle to test. Hope it tastes well.

Alexander Santillanes said...

Hope you enjoyed it, Michelle! Good to hear from you again, hope all is well. -X

dee said...

Ha! I am like you. I know what I like but am not sure why, can rarely remember a favorite when I go to the liquor store, and I'm just as happy with a screw-top as I am a cork! This one sounds like a winner by my standards:)