Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bangkok coffee to-go.

In Bangkok, it's usually not hard to find coffee, especially if you aren't too picky; there's always a nearby stand offering iced brew. I'd had Thai iced coffee from numerous street stands before, but it had always been given to me in waxy paper cups. Some stands, however, offer it in a more novel form: poured directly into a plastic bag, straw inserted. In a bag, iced coffee appears even more refreshing, as beads of condensation line the plastic.
You generally have two coffee options at street stands: either they'll mix up some Nescafe, or serve you some of the rich brown brewed coffee from their silver pitchers. The latter option is obviously much tastier, particularly when mixed into a sweetened sludge with the condensed milk. And, when served in a plastic bag, it's the perfect to-go Thai coffee for a hot afternoon.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Love the coffee pic and you are a rather colorful character yourself:-)

PS I am linking you.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful coffee pictures.
Beautifully done.
I found your blog via Maryam's.
I will return and look at more pictures.

Lara Dunston said...

Well, what a small world it is after all. It's good to see my friend Maryam from Marrakesh here! I found you through Anne from pretavoyager. I absolutely adore your blog!! I'm linking to you too from mine: www.cooltravelguide.blogspot.com
And I'm about to head to Bangkok too.

JHill said...

i love that coffee comes in a bag. maybe i should try that since i always loose my reusable mugs!