Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Khlong Toei Market.

This past weekend, some friends took Bordeaux and I to the Khlong Toei market. Though this market is literally across the street from the school where we teach, the closest we had been was brushing past the noodleshop's pots of curry on the way to class.
The Khlong Toei market is a popular wet market; many of Bangkok's restaurants shop here for the incredible range of fresh produce. The sheer abundance of food was staggering. There were tables and tables covered in pineapples, bags and bags of plantains, and mountains and mountains of green vegetables. There were also countless bins of iced seafood: crabs in varying sizes, and fish that still flopped and wriggled. One interesting feature of the market is that all prices are clearly marked, thereby eliminating the hassle (or fun) of bargaining. Our friends are experienced market shoppers (one of them is Thai, and the other has lived here for several years), so they were able to pick up all the supplies necessary for a lavish fish dinner. Bordeaux and I chose simply to pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables: mangos, carrots, broccoli and papaya.
As usual at markets (or for that matter, any public space in Thailand), there were also a number of snack food vendors. They sold little griddle cakes, and popsicles made of frozen Fanta. I opted for a waffle, perhaps only because I liked the set up of the woman's stand. The waffle was served hot; so hot that it steamed up the plastic bag, and burnt my fingertips. After it cooled enough to eat, I decided that it was a bit odd. While the waffle itself was nice, it was filled with a mixture of coconut and corn, a favorite Thai combination that I haven't quite acquired the taste for.


Anonymous said...

i am moving to Phuket, Thailand next week to take a TEFL course for one month with my best friend, after which we will be teaching in Bangkok for a year. you're blog is very informative.
kind regards,

ASD said...

Markets are always one of my favorite things about traveling. They give you such great insight into a culture- truly people just going about their everyday business. . . Never heard of popsicles made out of Fanta, but as far as I'm concerned it's a brilliant idea!


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Hands down, Thai food is my favorite food in the world. I have never had a bad meal in Thailand. You lucky, lucky dog!

Anonymous said...

glad to know i will not be the only one in costume. hahaha! i moved to thailand next week! it seems so surreal that i have waited for so long to do this and its just days away. any advice on what to see and do in Phuket and Bangkok around Soi 21 would be GREATLY appreciated. Be well-