Monday, October 08, 2007

Click Click.

Since my entire wardrobe had to fit into a backpack for three months of travel, my Bangkok closet is a bit bare. Desiring a little variety in my outfits (I was starting to feel like a cartoon character), I've been searching for t-shirts. I finally found this one in Siam Square, a maze-like market/mall in downtown Bangkok that provides the city's youth with hip and inexpensive clothing and accessories. The stall in which I found the camera-shirt had all sorts of cheap men's t-shirts, with prints ranging from the stylish to the offbeat to the vaguely disturbing. I'm not planning on posting every new item of clothing I buy, but I wanted to share the sharp graphics on this one. Aside from being brown (my favorite color) and alluding to my favorite hobby, it's expressive of the eccentric sense of design in the clothes for sale in Bangkok's markets.

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