Friday, August 01, 2008

Taiwan Treats: Coffee Jelly.

I normally opt for milk tea or a fruit smoothie when stopping at a drink shop here in Taiwan, but last week I decided to try a coffee. But since this is Taiwan, I decided to get it in a local style- filled with jelly. The chunks of dark brown jelly were slipped into the cup, coffee was poured in, and the whole thing was sealed, for me to pierce with a straw later. Trying it when I got home, I was impressed with how good it was. The coffee was strong and rich, with a sweet creaminess that reminded me almost of coffee back in Southeast Asia. The main difference here was the jelly: in addition to adding an unusual texture, it added a nice caramel flavor.

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Eyemuser said...

Hi Xander,

Is there anyway to get in touch with you? I would love to talk with you about some publishing/photography projects that you might be perfect for (if interested) but I don't have an email for you. I've been reading your blog on and off since this winter and have passed it off to several friends en route or living in SE Asia.

You can email me at And as a side note, I also grew up in Albuquerque (Sandia HS) and now live in Los Angeles (Silver Lake).

I hope to hear from you,