Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A little more street-food in Taipei.

When Bordeaux introduced me to Taipei, we spent almost the entire weekend sampling xiaochi, Taiwan's little eats. Though most of our eating on this last trip was confined to full meals, we did manage to fit in a few smaller snacks.

While getting lost on the way to our hotel, we came across this man, who was toiling away at an outdoor bakery. I'm used to seeing street-side walks and grills, but this man actually had several ovens on his sidewalk corner. Tempted, we picked up one of his offerings. The crisp pastry broke away to reveal a tasty paste of ground white sesame seeds.

After some shopping later that evening, we passed a grill stand offering some of Taipei's famous sausages. While not exactly pretty to look at, they were delicious- surprisingly spicy, and laced with a strong garlic aroma.

The next afternoon, we came across a stand stacked with lopsided pancakes. Though I was familiar with these treats, I knew them primarily as dessert- filled with redbean, or Thai custard. But here, they also came in a variety of savory flavors. We picked up one filled with tuna. Though Bordeaux was put off by the slightly sweet pancake and salty tuna, I rather liked the unusual combination.


Prêt à Voyager said...

Those pancake filled treats are my favorite! I would be curious to try a tuna filled one . . .


tangobaby said...

How very interesting. I'm kind of with Bordeaux on this one, although I would give it a try...the pancakes look yummy, though.