Friday, October 09, 2009

Attacked by guinea fowl.

On a recent sunny morning we decided to take breakfast outdoors . It went quite well, until our outing was broken up by a flock of helmeted guinea fowl.

We had stopped on the way at the bakery at Jardine, which I'd been wanting to try for months. The bakery is quite brilliantly designed-- just a window and a glass counter facing onto the street, so patrons can order coffee, pastry, or sandwiches, then either enjoy them on the high sidewalk tables (standing only), or take them to go.

We ordered some croissants and lattes, and took them up to Signal Hill. It was a little windy, so we had the picnic grounds entirely to ourselves. We grabbed a table from which we could look onto both the sea below and Lion's Head behind-- private breakfast with a brilliant view. I had chosen an almond croissant, which was fantastic. I was just finishing it up when we were set upon by the guinea fowl, who were eager to gather up our crumbs.

So at least they were guinea fowl with good taste.


Rebecca Hillebrand said...

Hello! I am an American student who studied in SA last fall and will be returning next year. I came across your blog and adore it. I cannot wait to get back to Cape Town! I do have a question though..what type of camera do you use to take the pictures in the blog? I am in the market for a good camera to take with me to SA next year and really like the quality of pics you have taken.

Thanks! Rebecca

Remember Sugar? said...

wow look at those !! big and fat! so cute!! ..

& the location for breakfast IS JUST BREATHTAKING!!! so SA is that great haa!? I'm happy to stumble upon ur blog! have a great day , all the way from Kuwait!

Xander said...

Hey Rebecca- I can understand your eagerness to come back. Cape Town is an awesome city! I use a Canon Digital Rebel XT, which is light-weight, and takes pretty decent photos. I've had it for about four years, and while it's starting to give me some minor problems now, it's been pretty good up until now. -X

Prêt à Voyager said...

whew! it's been awhile. love that you updated again :) in fact i too had an almond croissant for breakfast today...