Friday, October 16, 2009

To the Americas.

Within the space of two weeks, our travel plans have developed from an imaginary escape to something of a concrete plan. And it's looking like next year will be our year of the Americas. After spending the past several years on any continent but my own, the idea of this 'homecoming' is kind of exciting. We're hoping to spend some time in my native New Mexico, visit Los Angeles and San Fransisco, spend time around Vancouver, then fly down to South America for a long sojourn of America south of the equator. Planning this trip has made me realize how little of the America's I've seen. As much as South America represents a great unknown for me, even San Fransisco and Vancouver will be practically new for me.

Anyone have any tips of what to see, do, or eat in San Fransisco? Or Vancouver?

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If you are in Vancouver, BC you must visit the Richmond Night Market and the wonton noodle shops in Chinatown. Even though Richmond is now the new Chinatown with glasstower buildings holding some of the best dim sum around, the noodle shops in the old part of Chinatown still make a mean bowl of wonton soup! Vancouver also has a great Persian population so try their version of a Persian pizza!